Reflection and Evaluation

The project is coming to the end now and all that’s left for me to do is my reflection and evaluation. The Extended Project Qualification has been a massive learning curve for me which I have thoroughly enjoyed and feel that I now have a better understanding of writing an essay from research which I know will be a very beneficial skill for university.

Presentation Time!

The presentation of my project was today between 2:00 and 4:00pm. Overall I feel that it went quite well. After feeling quite nervous before it started, I found that once I was actual placed on the spot, I was able to talk people through my project confidently, answering any questions they asked and this was reflected by the very positive response received in the presentation forms completed by the exhibition visitors. Another good skill for me to have gained.


After following the process of transferring my code to an Apple iMac and applying my certificates and provisioning profiles the xcode file has encountered a couple of errors which I am rushing to fix. For me, the solution to each error has to be searched for on the Internet and then I must navigate though their system with an appropriate solution.

The presentation is a later this week and to keep up with my gantt chart plan, the app should be published on the 16th.

The Presentation

My presentation deadline is approaching and this week I have been focused on producing PowerPoint slides to help explain the process of my project, from the very beginning. In hindsight, this is something that would have been better to start at the very beginning something that I have now learnt.

The PowerPoint slides will also show the necessary steps needed in order to publish an app.

Final Tweaks

I have completed the scripting the levels and over the past two weeks I have been tweaking the game here and there to get it to a point where I am completely happy with it. Although one issue that I came across earlier this week was each level would load but then your score would suddenly rise up for no reason. Even though this seem like a small issue, it took quite a long time to re-code. In the end I decided to get around this bug I would simply populate each level before it was loaded – this means that although when you start each level they will always look the same, no extra score is added.

Once the game is in a publishable state I can start to register for certificates in order to send it off to the App Store. I am excited to have almost finished my artefact and to have it accepted by Apple.

Game is almost finished – YAY!

By working tirelessly on coding the game, it is very near its completion stage. The final credits are being implemented for the NASA facts and a description for the app is now located in the ‘game information’ tab.

One of my future goals is to publish the app to the app store which isn’t easy so I need to keep this in mind and try to complete it as soon as I can.

Game Maker for Dummies

Within the software there are many features that can be missed unless sufficient research is done. I have been using them in order to maximise the outcome of my game.

The way the coding is split up, is into events, within these events are actions, which are often the lines of code to get the object to carry out a function. Each event is often a time period or set event that an object goes through when the game is loaded. This is the same for every object and to reduce the replication of this process, the best way [I have learnt] is to place all code in a script and then apply the script to the object. Not only is this a neat way of managing your scripts but also the way in which many professionals collate their code.

One of the benefits from this style is to piece together all codes so that if an error occurs in the script then you are easily able to navigate to where it occurred and do something to fix it.object